Workzen UI

Workzen User Interface Library is designed to simplify user interface development. By using a common model in the view, it is possible to design applications that are not bound to their user interface.

At the core is a "common"  widget model. This simplified model provides a standard, uniform way to access widget data. Programmatic access to data has been removed from the widget and moved into the model. This encapsulation allows for cross-interface widget development.

The Model

The workzen.ui.widget.model package contains the common model. It consists of three basic models:

Standard widgets have been developed based on these models:

And have been implemented for Swing, Html, and CLI (command line interface).


The following "cross-gui" components, or controls have also been built:


This control uses a TableModel that is capable of sorting, and tracking the "selectedRow". The Swing table implementation can also perform column resizing like a Microsoft table.

Subscription Control

This control uses a SelectManyModel. This control performs the same function as a SelectBox, except that the selected items, and the unselected items are controlled by two individual widgets.

Swing Components

Workzen UI also contains a new Swing layout strategy for panels, the XY Layout. JComponents are added to XPanels or YPanels. XPanels layout their components on the X axis, and YPanels layout their components on the Y axis. By combining these two layouts, it is possible to create complex layouts, with a minimum of effort.

See the test case for examples of how to use the layout.


Workzen Mvc is an Open Source GPL project.

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