Workzen Commons

Workzen Commons contains "common" libraries used in software projects. Jakarta Commons has a similiar "common" library. The Workzen libraries are not currently represented by Jakarta.


The common user interface library has graduated. It now has its own project. See workzen-ui


The common model-view-controller library has graduated. It now has its own project. See workzen-mvc


The common utility library contains utility classes for common operations. Below are some of the classes. See the JavaDocs.


The service libraries define a simple common interface for accessing application services. Each service is configured using a property file, defined from xml. The ServiceManager loads each service at runtime, and provides accessors for the service.

Below are some of the services:


The filesystem libraries provide common methods for accessing the filesystem.

file archive

Archives files by maintaining a timestamped copy elsewhere within the filesystem..

file monitor

Monitors files for changes.

Simple classes for encryption and authentication.


Workzen Commons is an Open Source GPL project.

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